SahiPay is the SahiWay!

Creating an opportunity for merchants to have increased revenue

Keen to have additional monthly income without much investment? Join us and become an active service delivery centers and earn commission on every transaction.

If you are interested and want to retrieve helpful information for proceeding business terms with us. Follow these steps.

Step 1: - Open the SahiPay website or download the app on your mobile

Step 2: - Tap on the “User Login” button ...

Step 3: - On the screen, navigate to the “New user? Register now” link and tap on it.

Step 4: - Before signing up, “Term and Conditions” message pop-up first, including all the mandatory information. Based on that, an individual almost gets a fair clarification on SahiPay working flow. After accepting “Term and Conditions”, you will be directed to next page.

Step 5: - This blank digital form must be filled appropriately and accurately with the attached Proof of Address (POA) and Pan card image. To be noted, asked details is for verification purpose, so tap on “submit” button carefully.

Once an individual has done filling out all the details. Our SahiPay team would contact the person to let them aware regarding business plans as Direct Merchant, Merchant under Distributor, Direct Distributor, Distributor under Distributor.

For more queries, please write to us at [email protected] or [email protected] We are obliged to help you.
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Registration plans for Merchants

We have exciting benefits with lucrative commissions for SahiPay merchants. The merchant will earn commission on every transaction and can earn up to Rs. 15,000 per month as an incentive.

There is an easy and convenient onboarding process for a merchant to start a SahiPay merchant account. The merchant will just have to download the SahiPay app or visit SahiPay website and register by themselves.

SahiPay Website: -

Download App: -

Contact us: - [email protected]


SahiPay Merchants commission is based on the selected plan and services: -

To Activate Merchant Account: -

  1. To begin with it, SahiPay merchant has to top-up their SahiPay wallet.
  2. After then, to validate merchant details and merchant wallet balance, the verification process will take place by SahiPay blackened team.
  3. Post verification, the merchant account will be activated for transactions.
  4. After coming into operations, merchants can see their transaction and commission (earnings) status through their SahiPay account.

Points to be noted: -

  • Transaction commission amount varies from service to service.
  • It is essential for merchants to complete their KYC during registration.
  • SahiPay works on a Prepaid model.
  • Transfer of commission settlement is done instantly on the merchant’s wallet
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Why SahiPay ?

SahiPay POS platform enables the smooth functioning of digital offerings by proposing numerous advantages to the involved stakeholders. Based on this model, the consumer would get limitless services at one stop point.

A merchant receives additional revenue on a commission basis by selling VAS services to end customers. Industry players get the desired benefit to expand in the rural and semi-urban area. Our geographical presence already reached to 22+ states for the betterment of under-served regions.

We believe in a fair and sustainable future. We believe in the development of various sectors. Our target is to meet the unmet needs of the market. Choose us. Choose digital.


What End-Consumers gain?

  • Ease of making payments digitally through their preferred mode
  • Access to all various consumer services under a single roof
  • Awareness of financial planning and government schemes and services
  • Accessibility to MFs and BFSI products
  • Make an informed decision to buy aspirational products

What Merchants gain?

  • Ability to accept digital payments
  • Higher on-shop footfall
  • Additional income on a commission basis
  • Opportunity to create a new identity

What Industry Players gain?

  • Enhanced consumer reach and rural penetration
  • Reduction in cost of customer attainment
  • Platform to lead in the competitive market
  • Run promotional campaigns and turn lead into sales

Our Brand promises:-

user map pin img
Proximity: Bring various day-to-day consumer services and banking services at the doorstep of the end-consumers
Accessibility: We aim is to provide access to all the services to the underserved and unbanked population of the country
24/7 img
Availability: Make region-specific services available to end-consumers of that region
Convenience: Ease of making payments and benefiting from digital access to consumer services
Secure and Reliable: reliable and secure way of making payments and availing services
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Ease of EMI collection services at SahiPay merchant stores - Target rural areas or Semi-Urban areas

Confused, how to pay EMI on time!

We have good news for all the consumers. Now you don’t need to count days to pay your next EMI on time. Our SahiPay merchant partner outlet is here to assist you on EMI payment services. The transactions happen in real-time and the consumer will get the confirmation in less than a minute.

Timely EMI payment would give solace to the consumers from paying unwanted fines and help the consumers to maintain their good CIBIL score. To promote transparency, SahiPay team maintains constant connect with the merchant to ensure seamless service. This is a step towards streamlining the EMI collection process benefiting both the Banks/NBFCs and end-consumers.

Building upon the trust and with the series of positive feedback, we are making this facility available to all our merchant partners across India.


Reason of our existence – to familiar and serve under-served regions with all EMI payment options

The Reality of some of the Indian regions!

Fact – Limited awareness on digital payment options in rural and semi-urban areas, force the end-consumers to depend on cash as the most reliable source of payment options, specifically when it comes to paying the EMI of any purchased item or against loans.

However, in rural areas, people do get loans, but at the same time, they do not obtain proper information on EMI payments notion due to lack of informative centers. Below is the estimated data, which reveals particularly the increase in the number of loans for the economic development of all the sectors.


Problems that end-consumers face!

  • Less awareness of the online procedure of payment
  • Struggle to access banking cards
  • No legit information on secret unique reference numbers or codes

A solution to the problems!

  • Roll out multiple digital offline stores which give exact information to the end-consumers
  • Impart awareness on digital payments
  • Make people understand that digital payment options are 100% secure, reliable and fast

Our contribution to the digital banking sector

Newly launched – EMI collection services at SahiPay offline stores

SahiPay offline stores provide SahiPay offerings with customer satisfaction by maintaining the confidentiality of customer data and guiding them properly to meet their future needs independently.

Our EMI networks at rural areas via SahiPay merchant stores!

SahiPay launched their EMI network at SahiPay merchant stores, using SahiPay reliable POS device to commence an EMI payment scheme in under-served regions along with proper literacy on the whole EMI system. SahiPay deals in various EMI services, these are: -

Online shopping solution : Rural consumers can order anything on EMI, through any e-commerce portal (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and many more) now by just visiting nearest SahiPay offline stores. It is on us to render them with right EMI plan as per the consumer’s repayment viability of the purchased item. Giving them full-fledged information on EMI initiating process, be it a zero down payment benefits option or the interest rate amount saving options evidently, which comes under SahiPay’s business values.

EMI against the loan : Matter of the fact that loan is a need of every consumer, predominantly in the under-served regions where consumers often fight to fulfill their basic needs. And another major factor is that these remote regions knowledge rate related to EMI against loan theory is a question mark. This is why, to speed up the progress to convert rural regions of India to digital India, SahiPay offline stores organize the EMI collection services against any loan and made the process extremely simpler than before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring for EMI payment?

Your loan account number/unique reference number is required for a successful transaction.

What would be the payment mode?

Either you can pay through cash or also can use various digital payment modes as in banking cards (Debit and Credit cards), Bharat QR code, UPI, Aadhar pay.

Will the transaction be safe and secure?

Absolutely, we are very particular in terms of confidentiality. So, there is no chance of leakage of any information.

What would be the merchant benefits?

As per the number of transactions, the merchant can earn commission on a daily basis.

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